Language of Abai poems manuscripts (some phonetic differences)

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  • Marlen Adilov Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University
  • Ercan Petek Gaziosmanpasha University



Abai, Murseit, poems, manuscripts, phonetic features, borrowed words


The version of the Murseit manuscripts written in 1907 is one of the main original works of

Abai. As known, Abai’s poems were written and prepared for publication by Murseit Bikeuly (1860-1917).

The poems and words of edification that he wrote down during Abai’s lifetime, he handed over to the press

after the poet’s death. Thanks to his patient work, these texts are now known to a wide range of readers.

Murseit Bikeuly perfectly knew the written language of that time, and Abai instructed him, who was

engaged in teaching in the Semipalatinsk region, to write down his poems. Abai’s manuscripts, written by

himself, unfortunately, has not yet been found. The article analyzes the linguistic features of the manuscript

of Abai’s poems written in Arabic graphics by Murseit Bikeuly. The article provides a brief analysis of the

phonetic differences between the handwritten text and the phonetics of the modern Kazakh language. The

issues related to phonetic patterns, namely the law of synharmonism, regressive assimilation, phonetic

variations, spelling rules are considered. The linguistic analysis is confirmed by illustrations from the

desired manuscript and other works of Abai.

Information about author

Marlen Adilov, Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University

PhD, Senior Researcher, Nemat Kelimbetov Institute of Turkic Studies

Ercan Petek, Gaziosmanpasha University

Doctor PhD, associate professor, Head of the Department of Turkish Language and Literature



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