Journal Concept

“Turkic Studies Journal” is an open access Turkologic journal aimed at publishing integrative research in the historical – cultural and  philological aspects, revealing the spiritual and material culture of the Turkic peoples.  An important aspect of the journal's concept  is the study of the Turkic written monuments written in various graphic systems over hundreds,  thousands of years (see the objectives). Since 2019, the journal has been published in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which determines its regional focus – the publication of research results on ethnic identification, unique distinctive culture and art of the Kazakhs. In a broad context, the journal’s publications contribute to solving issues of interethnic and intercultural communication between  the peoples of the East and the West in the modern socio-cultural space. In this context, the following current objectives are being solved:

  • disclosure of the culture, spiritual wealth, mentality of the Turkic peoples in different historical eras in written Turkic monuments in various graphic systems (Runic, Manichaean, Uighur, Arabic, Latin, Armenian-Kipchak, Chagatai, Cyrillic);
  • publications on the spiritual culture of the Turkic peoples, religious beliefs in the historical past, the syncretism of Tengrianism and Islam in the worldview of the modern Turkic peoples;
  • publications of the Articles on the history, archeology of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries of Central Asia in the context of the general Turkic anthropology;
  • publications of the Articles on the original objective culture of the Kazakhs in musical art, housing, clothing, housewares, etc.;
  • publications on the ethnic culture (rituals, customs, ceremonies) of the Kazakhs and other Turkic peoples, revealing the genetic affinity of nomadic culture and modern development trends of ethnic culture;
  • publications of the Articles on the unique material culture of the Kazakhs  in the field of musical art, housing, clothing, household utensils, and etc.;
  • publication of the Articles on the development and challenges of language, literature and folklore, original songwriting of the Turkic peoples,  including the Kazakhs;
  • integration of the research outcomes of the East and West scholars in the international scientific community.

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In order to reveal the whole picture of Turkic culture and the integration of scholars in the scientific space, Turkic Studies Journal cooperates with such journals as Archaeology of Kazakhstan (Almaty, Kazakhstan), Bulletin of the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University (Astana, Kazakhstan) in the field of Humanities, The New Research of Tuva (Republic of Tuva, RF), Nations and religions of Eurasia (Barnaul, RF), Ural-Altaic studies  (Moscow, RF), Oriental Studies (RF, Republic of Kalmykia), Milli Folklor (Ankara, Turkey), Turk Kulturu ve Haci Bektas Veli Arastirmalar (Ankara, Turkey), Turkic Languages (Germany).

The Journal publishes articles in English, Kazakh, Russian. Publication frequency - 4 times per year.

Turkic Studies Journal publishes original research articles and book reviews.

Since 2024, the journal publishes articles within two fields: historical-cultural which includes sections on history and archeology, ethnoculture and and religion, Kazakh culture and art and philological with sections on Turkic languages, folklore and literature of the Turkic peoples.

Publisher is the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University NJSC, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Journal website:, on the portal of the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University