Archiving and depositing

«Turkic Studies Journal» is an open access, that each accepted article is freely available online immediately upon publication, expanding the research space and increasing the audience of published manuscripts
The Editorial Board of the «Turkic Studies Journal» does not prevent the authors from publishing manuscripts on third-party repositories.
Turkic Studies Journal is committed to supporting open scientific exchange and enabling our authors to achieve best practices in sharing and archiving research data. 
Interaction with other depositories makes it possible to increase the readership, get the opportunity to be acquainted with their work, find fellow researchers and new opportunities. To protect the manuscripts from unfair use of other researchers’ the Editorial board of the journal encourage authors to indicate references to the original version of the work published in the «Turkic Studies Journal». This allow the authors to hold their rights for research development and data publication.

Turkic Studies Journal is covered by the following database and archives:
‒ “NCSTE” JSC Fund of the Electronic library of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Printed versions of the journal are sent to libraries of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries.