Copyright and Licensing

When submitting a manuscript to the Turkic Studies Journal (TSJ), authors undertake to:
- submit only original works;
- in the presence of textual or graphic information from previously published studies of the author or from the work of another researcher, refer to the relevant publications (the presence of borrowing without reference will be considered as plagiarism);
- cite only true facts and information in the manuscript, confirm the reliability of empirical data, and prevent fabrication and falsification of materials;
- do not present the same material simultaneously in several scientific journals and avoid duplication of publications;
- include in co-authorship those persons who have made a significant scientific contribution to the conceptualization and planning of the manuscript, as well as to the interpretation of the results and their writing;
- declare that there is no conflict of interest that could affect the results obtained;
- indicate the funding from the institutions or projects from which the research article originates;
- if you find a significant error in your published article, immediately inform the editors of the journal and provide them with all the information necessary to make corrections.

The authors retain their copyright and grant the journal the right first to publish the manuscript. At the same time, the license Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)  is applied to all published manuscripts, hosted on the official website of the non-profit corporation Creative Commons and allowing other users to freely copy, distribute and adapt the material, provided that the authorship of the work is indicated and a link to this journal is given.

Authors may enter into additional contractual agreements for the non-exclusive distribution of the published version of the manuscript (for example, place it in repositories or publish it in a book) with a link to this journal.

TSJ is an open-access publication (Open Access Journal). The journal does not charge authors for reviewing, editing, publishing and distributing a published article.